Allium Mini - By Tristian Thornhill

Allium Mini - By Tristian Thornhill

Allium lamp is the first creation by Tristian. It marries the traditional processes of sketching and card prototyping in the initial stages of development to computer aided design and 3D printing in order to achieve the precision required for the structure of the lamp. They can be individually hung over a dining table for a soft inviting glow, or for more drama grouped together.


A convergence of nature and technology,  Allium is a contemporary, high quality etched lamp inspired by the allium plant and brought to life with light.  Its complex form belies its simplicity. Thirty identical plates are slotted together to form a Ø25cm globe, each crafted from a subtractive manufacturing process. The result is a beautiful lamp giving off intricate patterns to create unique ambience. 


Allium Mini is a shade that can be used on a standard E14 pendant fitting, so is available with or without a cord set and ceiling rose.  It comes in stainless steel, but can be powder coated to RAL colours on request.


Product material: 100% Stainless Steel

Fits standard E14 bulb with a maximum diameter of 40mm

Weight: 0.5Kg


Lead Time

2 Weeks.


Please email If you have any questions about this product or lead times, we would be happy to help.

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