Archy - By Marten van Leeuwen

Archy - By Marten van Leeuwen

Archy is a light pendant made from recycled plaster waste that would have been landfilled or incinerated. The process starts by picking up waste from participating plasterers at their construction site.


The plaster is taken to Martens workshop where it is processed into a reusable, much stronger form of plaster.


This powder is then mixed with water and poured into moulds to form the Archy light pendants. The materials have been diverted from waste and are intended to stay out, so the owner will be compensated for sending them back to be turned into something else when they are no longer wanted.


The Archy light comes in two sizes.



  • Archy small: diameter 100mm, height 120mm
  • Archy large: diameter 150mm , height 190mm


The Archy light can be used as a table light and a pendant light with different configurations.



  • Table - includes dimmer, 1.5m cord and warm LED light bulb
  • Ceiling - includes 2m cord and warm LED light bulb


Lead Time

6 Weeks.


Please email If you have any questions about this product or lead times, we would be happy to help.