Bottiglione Chopping Board - By Nicola Pivetta

Bottiglione Chopping Board - By Nicola Pivetta

Bottiglione is a very particular chopping board. It is shaped like a wine bottle and gets its distinctive red colour by being stained with wine! 


In Italy a bottiglione is a traditional large wine bottle. It is something you would find on the kitchen table in most houses in rural areas across the country. Our chopping board takes its shape and its name from this rural icon. Each board is 100% solid wood and is not painted but rather is stained by being partially immersed in wine, meaning the colour is safe and natural, and each board is totally unique. 


We think it is the perfect board for serving cheese or charcuterie (with a glass of wine of course). Cheers!


Lead Time

3-5 days 


Please email If you have any questions about this product or lead times, we would be happy to help.