Eidos Lamp - By Nicola Pivetta

Eidos Lamp - By Nicola Pivetta

As an octahedron, Eidos has some very special properties. Built out of equilateral triangles, the octahedron has twenty-four possible rotational symmetries meaning Eidos can appear to assume multiple different shapes according to the observer’s point of view.


Octahedrons occur in nature (natural crystals of diamond are frequently found in octahedral form) but also appear in ancient philosophy and mathematics, being one of the five shapes that Plato saw as making up the five elements of the universe!


Eidos is sold as a table lamp or a pendant lamp giving you the choice of how and where to use it. A choice of colours are also available for the power cable, enabling you to match your Edios to your home.


Bring a geometric wonder into your home and enjoy Eidos’ beautiful variations – simply turn it around to see it look like new again.


Lead Time

3-5 days 


Please email welcometoplatform@mail.com If you have any questions about this product or lead times and we would be happy to help.



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