Rectangle Tray - By Adele Woodward

Rectangle Tray - By Adele Woodward

This Rectangle Tray is perfect for displaying anything from candles and reed diffusers to bathroom and home accessories.


Handmade using the material, Jesmonite.


Jesmonite is a acrylic modified cementitious composite. It has similar characteristics to concrete I.e. cold to touch, tactile and strong. It is also fire resistant. Each item is finished with a penetrating sealant which makes it water resistant (water will sit on the surface) and protect from stains. Tray come with small rubber feet on the bottom, to protect the surface, that they are placed on. Each item is handmade with care but small irregularities such as air bubbles may occur, making each piece unique!


PLEASE NOTE: Item is not food safe.



238x128mm Approx.



As each order is handmade please allow 3-5 days before your order is shipped.


Care Instructions 

Although each item is coated with a Stain Resistant Sealant, if coaster does get dirty, just wipe with a damp cloth, and a little washing up liquid, if needed.


Please email If you have any questions about this product or lead times, we would be happy to help.