Union - By Haim Evgi

Union - By Haim Evgi

The collection is all handcrafted and includes a floor lamp and a table lamp.

The collection comes to show the connections between the wood and the metal materials that ultimately produce lighting elements as a single piece.

The designer uses various techniques such as wood engraving and iron bending to produce the pillar that is the central element in the lighting fixtures.

The light source is distributed from a semi-circular aluminum shade by clowning and a plexiglass bottom.


Parts of the lighting fixture are made using traditional methods such as wood engraving and aluminum extrusion.


Iron tubing, aluminum lampshade and lamp base in powder color finishing.

The lampshade is connected to the wood and together produce unique lighting fixtures for each space.


Lead Time

3-4 Weeks.


Please email welcometoplatform@mail.com If you have any questions about this product or lead times, we would be happy to help.